About Us

About Toplight Books

Toplight Books is a new imprint of McFarland with a focus on the body, mind and spirit.

We seek to offer a wide array of books that explore these basic, essential components of being human that in the pace and pressure of modern life are too often relegated to the periphery of our consciousness.

The neglect of our physical, mental and spiritual selves diminishes our capacity to respond to life and each other, to the great detriment of personal and planetary well-being, and we hope to counter the trend with well-researched books covering any or all of the three core human dimensions, in original and inspiring ways.

We welcome proposals for books as wide ranging as yoga & meditation guides to explorations of neurodiversity & addiction, and scientific studies on the nature of qi.

About McFarland

A leading independent publisher of academic nonfiction, McFarland is recognized for noteworthy books about pop culture, sports, military history, transportation, body & mind, literature, history and medieval studies, among other topics. McFarland currently offers about 6000 books in print. Meeting high library standards has always been a major focus, and many McFarland books have received awards from the library-oriented (Choice Outstanding Academic Title and ALA Outstanding Reference Work) to the specialized (Hugo, Edgar, Stoker, USCF Chess Book of the Year). Visit McFarland.


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