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Newly Published: Burn Your Chair

New on our bookshelf:

Burn Your Chair: Healing Chronic Pain Through Active Rest
By Ari Heart

Our bodies have the amazing ability to spontaneously self heal. However, in an age dominated by one shape—the chair shape—our natural capacity for regeneration is being suppressed. To solve this problem, scientists are studying people of traditional cultures who don’t share our symptoms of lifestyle-based disease. A remarkable, yet simple truth is emerging: our ability to self heal is activated by moving and resting in active postures. If we avoid staying in one shape all day, our bodies are free to heal.

This book explores the practices of people living without chair-based chronic pain, and includes eight shapes essential for healing the human body. By reconnecting with our self healing instincts and freeing our bodies from the trappings of modern life, we too can live lives free from pain.