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Newly Published: We Got Soul, We Can Heal

New on our bookshelf:
By Phyllis Jeffers-Coly
Poet Alice Walker has described culture as something in which one should thrive; further, that healing means putting the heart, courage, and energy back into one’s self within one’s own culture. Similarly, the “yes, yes ya’ll,” phrase, used by classic 1990’s-era hip hop DJs and artists, evokes the passion in Black American culture. Written with that same celebratory spirit—and using the idea of culture and SOUL synonymously—this book explores of the ways in which integrating SOUL (culture) with contemplative practices can foster healing and restoration, expanding our understanding of leadership and community interaction and impact. With years of experience in higher education and as a mentor and teacher living in Senegal, the author stresses the importance of celebrating Black cultures, including the role of ancestry, community interdependence, elder-mentors and institutions such as HBCUs.