Jane Austen and the Buddha

Teachers of Enlightenment

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About the Book

Jane Austen wrote six books that were published at the beginning of the nineteenth century, all known for their happy endings. Yet below the courtship novels’ sparkling wit and dance scenes flows an undercurrent of suffering. Austen had a deep understanding of the sources and cure for suffering that shares much in common with Buddhism. Though not intentionally writing through the lens of Buddhism, Austen intuitively understood the Buddha’s most fundamental teaching of the Four Noble Truths: that life contains suffering, that we can discover the causes of suffering, and that we can stop suffering by following the Eightfold Path described by the Buddha. In this book, Austen fans or those who wish for a deeper understanding of how stories can alleviate suffering will discover a combination of psychology and Buddhism alongside accessible close readings of Austen. This unique approach offers insight into Austen’s enduring popularity and lessons we might apply to our own lives to find happiness—just like Austen’s heroines.

About the Author(s)

Kathryn Duncan is an English professor at Saint Leo University and has written about pirates, Methodism, and Austen.

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Kathryn Duncan
Format: softcover (6 x 9)
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Copyright Date: 2021
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